Al Jazeera Learning Arabic



Al-Jazeera Learning Arabic site is a free open educational source that presents the Arabic language in an easy interactive way that helps learners practice and improve their Arabic language.

The site offers a variety of materials in different forms including:
- Articles from the media 
- Articles of the language of communication in daily life
- Authentic literary texts
- Grammatical rules as well as other linguistic knowledge

The lessons of the site are enhanced with advanced options, where the learner can:
Show or hide texts of audio material.
Show or hide the Tashkeel/ vocalisation of texts.
Show the results of the exercises.
Choose from various options the appropriate language that facilitates your learning of the target language

In addition to the lessons, the site offers its fans many services to benefit from and share with others:
-“Ask the Teacher”, to send questions and receive answers.
- Video service, to watch and upload videos.
- The Blog Service, to post articles and research.

Visitors to the site also find various electronic services such as:

“The Dictionary"" service to check up the meaning of words.
“The Tashkeel/Vocalisation"" service for putting the right Tashkeel signs on the texts.
“Placement test” service which helps the learner choose their appropriate level

Al Jazeera Learning Arabic provides many other services for its learners and users.
Visit our site or communicate with our team, you will hopefully be satisfied and find what suits your learning style best.