Terms & Conditions

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  •  Ownership Rights:

By clicking the "I Agree" button, you acknowledge and agree that all content and materials available in Al Jazeera's program for Simultaneous Teaching of Arabic to Non-Native Speakers, hereinafter referred to as "Simultaneous Education – Al Jazeera", are protected by copyright, trademark, patent and other proprietary laws.

Unless authorized by Al Jazeera Media Institute with an explicit written permission, you agree not to copy, publish, record, photograph, distribute, rent, transmit, reproduce, publicly display, modify or edit the content of our courses and derivative works.

  • Duration of the lesson:

A study hour is 50 minutes.

  • Learner Account:

Each learner will be granted access to an electronic copy of the book to study on the platform (vitalsource.com). This book is for the participant in the course, and it is prohibited from being used by another person under the penalty of the law.

  • Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy:
  1. The learner can get a full refund if he or she decides to withdraw from the course before it starts.
  2. The learner has the right to withdraw from the course and receive a full refund within the first week from the date of its launch.
  3. The learner cannot recover the amount paid if he or she decides to withdraw from the course after the first week of the course launch date has passed, unless the legal team at Al Jazeera’s finds that he or she has a compelling excuse for which proof must be provided.
  4. Al Jazeera Media Institute may, without stating the reason, cancel the course for any learner or all learners and refund the full paid amount.
  5. Al Jazeera Media Institute can suspend the account of a learner who has not complied with the conditions and laws of enrollment in Al Jazeera courses and without issuing a refund.
  6. The email address "arabic@aljazeera.net" is the only official avenue to receive cancellation or withdrawal requests.
  • Privacy and Regulations:
  1. Al Jazeera Media Institute technical team and supervisors can access and follow the virtual classes without the permission of learners.
  2. On the recommendation of the student’s instructors, Al Jazeera can change the learner's level after informing and consulting with the learner.
  3. The learner must respect all those who attend Al Jazeera classes, whether they are instructors, learners or supervisors, respect their ethnic, political, religious and sexual cultures and affiliations, and must not share their personal data or information that may be obtained during the class with any party and in any way.
  4. In the event that the learner violates what is mentioned in Article II of the paragraph (Privacy and Regulations), Al Jazeera has the right to take the necessary legal measures which include exclusion from the class without returning the amount paid.
  • Attendance:
  1. The learner in the program (Simultaneous Education – Al Jazeera) cannot be absent without giving a legitimate excuse for more than 10% of the total hours of the course.
  2. If the learner exceeds the limit mentioned in the first article of this paragraph, the learner loses one percentage grade for each lesson missed.
  3. The learner loses his or her right to a certificate for the level of completion if his or her total unjustified absence exceeds 30% of the total course hours.
  4. Justified absence means the absence due to compelling excuses officially proven after being reviewed and certified by the management of the program.
  5. The learner is allowed to exceed the above-mentioned limit of absence if he or she submits to AlJazeera a legitimate excuse and the program management is convinced of it.
  • Certification and passing exams:
  1. The learner must pass the course with a pass rate of at least 60% to obtain a certificate for passing the level.
  2. If the learner does not pass the course with the said percentage, or is absent from the course without an official excuse by more than 30%, he or she is granted a certificate of attendance only and is not entitled to a completion certificate.
  • Distribution of grades:

The grades in the courses are distributed as follows:

  • Attendance        10%               
  • Participation      15%   
  • Homework         15%   
  • Quizzes               10%
  • Project                10%               
  • Written test      20%
  • Oral test             20%
  • Pass grade:

Student must obtain 70% or higher to pass to the next level.